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Super Siphon w/ 6' Siphon Hose - Two for $14.95!

Super Siphon w/ 6' Siphon Hose - Two for $14.95!
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Super Siphon w/ 6' Siphon Hose - Two for $14.95!



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Transfer a 5 gallon container of gas in less than 1 ½ min, without any dripping. Also good for transferring diesel, paint, or oil. Safely transfer gas to your boat, Jet Ski, or even your lawnmower without the danger of spilling. Empty out the bilge, or the bottom of your boat, with just a few quick shakes to start the siphoning. Around the house you can easily transfer liquids from aquariums, clogged up sinks or tubs, fish ponds, or to empty out your Jacuzzi. Just drop the pump end, which works like a check valve, into whatever liquid you want to siphon and snap the hose up and down a few times to start the flow. (NOTE: The "siphon-from" container MUST be higher than the "siphon-to" container.) As you snap the hose down into the liquid, the check valve allows the liquid in the hose, but not back out. When enough liquid gets into the hose, the Super Siphoning effect takes over ... Just lower the end of the hose into your container and the liquid starts flowing!

  • Siphon 5 gallons of liquid in 90 seconds!!!

  • Super Siphon will safely transfer fuels, gasoline, diesel, water, beer, wine or whatever!

  • 6 Feet of FDA grade poly tubing included

  • Super Siphon is simple and easy to use! Safety Siphon for Safe Siphoning.

  • Super Siphon has a high quality brass fitting for excellent longevity.

Product Details:
Product Length: 6.0 inches
Product Width: 6.0 inches
Product Height: 6.0 inches
Product Weight: 1.5 pounds
Package Length: 6.7 inches
Package Width: 6.6 inches
Package Height: 6.6 inches
Package Weight: 1.5 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 251 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 251 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

30 of 30 found the following review helpful:

5These siphons work extremely well  Jul 05, 2013
By Brian
These siphons work extremely well... they're easy to use and they work quite well.

I use them to put gasoline into my other vehicles. When I accumulate enough Giant Eagle gas rewards that I can get free gasoline (up to 30 gallons), I fill up my car (~14-15 gallons) and then fill up three 5-gallon gas containers. Then when I get down near empty, I use a couple of those 5-gallon gas containers and one of these siphons to add the gas quickly and easily to my car (it sure beats holding the gas container up to fill up the tank).

Here is how I do it, more specifically:
1 - place cardboard on trunk (or roof) of car to protect paint
2 - lift 5-gallon gas container/gascan onto cardboard (keep cap on, in case you don't keep it level while lifting it up there)
3 - take off gas cap
4 - insert siphon (plastic end) into gas opening of vehicle
5 - insert other siphon end (metal end) into gas can/container
6 - shake siphon (metal end in the 5-gallon gas container) mildly to vigorously until the gas travels into the siphon and passes below the level of bottom of the gas container (this is how siphon then allows gravity to take over).
7 - as gas can gets relatively low, I tilt it towards me (so that there's a low end that gas will sit on) and I also hold the siphon to point to the side that is lower (while tilted) to pick up that gas
8 - once it sputters and finishes, I lift gas can (still has siphon in it) down to the ground
9 - then I remove the siphon from vehicle, still leaving other (metal-end) in the gas can, and I shake it a little and give it time to drop any last few drips back into the container
10 - then put everything away

These instructions may seem silly, but I had a friend for whom I bought these siphons and he was doing things strangely and spilling gas in his garage until I showed him, step-by-step, how I do it. For those of you who might need them or take advantage of them, I provided them so that you can follow them while you get used to the routine/order of things, and I am sure you're not alone.

I'm sure these siphons work pretty well for many other applications, but I only use them for siphoning gas from my gas cans into my vehicles and they work great for that purpose.

43 of 52 found the following review helpful:

2Super Siphon  Mar 11, 2010
By Randle T. Bain
I was looking for a siphon hose for fuel transfer. Sucking on a hose to transfer fuels with nasty ingredients is something I would like to avoid. The Super Siphon seemed like a good idea and the price seemed reasonable.

The units arrived in good order. It consists of a hose made of good quality materials and a check valve that allows one way fluid flow. I placed the hose in the tank and shook as per instructions. Sure enough the fuel began filling the hose. Way cool, this thing might actually work!

Once the hose filled to the point siphoning could begin I stopped shaking the valve. Siphoning continued for a very short time then stopped. Several attempts with both units yielded the same results.

I took the hose and put it in a clear container filled with water to see what was happening. This the check valve does a good job of filling the hose once siphoning occurs the valve has trouble staying open. When the valve restricts flow siphon action slows then ceases.

A good idea marred by poor quality valve.

12 of 13 found the following review helpful:

5Works great  Nov 12, 2012
By Just a guy
When Sandy hit my area there were very long gas lines and it became nearly impossible to get gasoline. I ordered this from Amazon and it arrived 24 hours after I ordered it. Awesome. I can now pull the gasoline from my sports car and put it in my SUV so that we can get around the debris covered streets. It also makes it much easier to fill the car from those heavy 5 gallon jerry cans.

9 of 10 found the following review helpful:

4Excelent performance for such a simple design  Sep 19, 2008
By Gustavo Domecq "Gusdo"
The only reason this product doesn't have 5 stars, is the curve it has because it comes rolled in one box.
If the siphon is straight from the beggining, there would be no mess in doing the first siphoning; as the hose doesn't reach the bottom of the fuel recipients because of the curves.

14 of 17 found the following review helpful:

1Get's stuck in auto tank  Apr 11, 2013
CONS: DO NOT try to siphon gas from your car tank! I tried and in one car it got stuck just below the filler neck. Then the hose pulled off leaving the brass stuck at the filler neck. Luckily I was able to pull the brass fitting out using needle nose pliers. I tried on a second car with the same horrible experience.

PROS: I also used it to siphon gas from a can INTO my car and it work great! Super fast and easy.

Seller should disclose this device is NOT to be used to siphon gas from an auto.

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