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resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Blue) - Pack of 2

resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Blue) - Pack of 2
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resqme The Original Keychain Car Escape Tool, Made in USA (Blue) - Pack of 2



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resqme is a revolutionary hand-held rescue tool amazingly powerful despite its mini size. A fierce but absolutely safe spring loaded stainless steel spike allows the vehicle occupant to easily break side windows and a carefully concealed stainless steel razor blade slices through a jammed seat belt to prevent vehicular entrapment.

  • Seat belt cutter + Car window breaker

  • Compact, lightweight & powerful

  • Easily accessible, no installation required

  • Tested and certified by TÜV

  • Over 10 years saving lives worldwide

  • Red Dot Design Award - Winner 2014

Product Details:
Package Length: 5.0 inches
Package Width: 3.75 inches
Package Height: 1.0 inches
Package Weight: 0.1 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 110 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 110 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

113 of 120 found the following review helpful:

5ResQMe keychain emergency escape tool  Jul 08, 2007
By Amazon Customer "Fix it up man"
This is a great tool. Its about 3" long by 1.25" wide and .625" thick. Thats roughly the same size as a standard remote keyfob. It is very lightweight so it doesn't make your keys too heavy either.
I chose the yellow so it would be easy to find, and so far it's helped me find my keys at least 20 times. To top it off it comes in a set of 2.

The basic concept is easy. There are two tools, one to cut the seat belt and one to break open the window. The tool attaches to the keychain by a plastic clip that snaps on firmly and doubles as the seat belt cutter protective cover.

When you need it you can just grab it and pull away from the keyring, leaving the keys in the ignition. Slip it over the seatbelt and pull. Slices like butter. Then press the larger end against the window and press. No need to smack or swing or use any force at all. The spring loaded punch will do the work for you. The hardened metal point pops into the window smashing it easily. Try it on a cardboard box, or a piece of scrap wood and you can see the dent it makes. Don't try it on your window though, unless you are ready to buy a new piece of glass.

There is a note in the instructions warning that it does not work on laminated safety glass. Front windshields use that type to keep the pieces from cutting you if it breaks. It makes that milky spiderweb look and holds all the pieces together.

I have had the lifehammer tool, but there is no good place to keep it. If I needed it, would I have time, or even be able to find in the glove box or the bottom of the center console? I doubt it. With the ResQMe keychain, its right at the ignition, where you could reach it any time. This is a fantastic improvement.

It comes in several colors too help accesorize too. Personally I love the yellow. Comes in package of 2 so you have one for your loved one too.

43 of 48 found the following review helpful:

5Great in concept, but they're a killer to bathroom sinks. : )  Jul 05, 2007
By Chicago Lawn "Spyke"
I bought the two-pack and can only rate them in concept in that I hope they'll never be needed. I gave one to my sister and one to my g/f, the only people I ride in cars with. It's one of the few items that will be important to have IF needed, but yetter yet if NEVER needed, (kind of like a parachute or bulletproof vest.)

One note: DON'T TEST THESE ON A BATHROOM SINK!. They work very well, but the sink won't work well afterwards.

33 of 37 found the following review helpful:

1I have returned the product.  Jan 20, 2009
By Pat
Despite some bad reviews I went ahead and order the product. Sure enough, the item did not work like it's supposed to and I decided to return the product.

8 of 8 found the following review helpful:

4Must have in your keychain!  Jan 23, 2014
By Folsom DIY Fan
I bought this in 2008 (Royal Blue) and have been carrying in my keychain ever since. This is something that you hope never have to use. I can attest to the sharpness of the knife as I was able to cut heavy clothing and tarp using the spare. I'm concerned about some reviews stating the spring loaded tool not working, so, I also keep a manual hammer tool in the glove box.

10 of 11 found the following review helpful:

2Disappointed  Jul 08, 2010
By KoalaB "koalaB"
Being an Emergency Room Nurse, I bought this for our teenage drivers, knowing first-hand, sometimes you REALLY do need something like this to save your life. I was very disappointed. It's lightweight alright- because it is made of such cheap plastic that the grooves don't even align. Not only me, but 3 strong, muscled males tried to get the pin to pop with no luck. How sad to think this item could easily save a person's life, but when you needed it most, you lost a loved one or yourself because it didn't work. There should be a law against selling items such as these that were made to help, yet are made the cheapest to make a profit, not save a life. Buyer Beware!!

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